Our projects


CostTracker is a Norwegian easy-to-use purchase order platform. By evolving its brand and launching a new website with a simple UX the company wants to expand its business.


Conetdev redesigned and developed an e-commerce website that sells an innovative fitness device PushX3.
Our web designers improved the UX and UI design of the website. WordPress developers built a website functionality by using the Woocommerce plugin and custom code.


WeTravel is a great source of courses, webinars, articles, e-books, resources that help travel business owners to learn how to grow their businesses. It was another interesting project for Our team. The result of our work is the website with a clean, light design and modern WordPress development.


Metricalo is an innovative all-in-one ecommerce platform. To promote the ecommerce Conetdev created this website design that is based on our marketing audit, UX research and SEO copywriting.


Our Team redesigned SellMeLaprop website to improve UI, UX design and to make the ecommerce site more attractive. The trick was using Glassmorphism in UI elements of the website.

What have we got? See the presentation of this project.

Coaching for PhD students

Conetdev designed a website for the coach of PhD students. Сoaching of PhD students is a highly competitive niche. So, web designers had to create something that’s completely off the trivial coaching sites. It was, however, important to ensure trustworthiness of a site and an authority of a coach. That is why our UI/UX designers focused on understanding the needs and pains of the target audience to meet the goals of the project.

Conetdev’s web developers built a clean, fast-loading, and easy-to-update website.

Quality Floors 4 Less

Conetdev redesigned a website of traditional American family business. Quality Floors 4 Less is well-known professionals. Owners of the business had realized that their website needed refreshing. The main goals of the redesign were reaching new audiences and increasing brand appeal. So we created a modern website inspired by the User Interface and User Experience improvements.


Eotera is more than just a manga site. Eotera is a place where you can lose track of time for hours on end. You can come here to dive into the magic world of comics, community, and games. We needed to create a great design and to develop the functionality of a site to handle complex tasks. WordPress design that includes: web design, UI/UX design, custom web development, installing plugins.
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The main goal of the project was to help people to identify this site as the best place to sell or to buy used tech. That is why our lead designer decided to use a provocative, trending, hot design style that is known as NEUMORPHISM. Our back-end developers created the unique website functionality to provide e-commerce services in a specific way.


We created a website for a company that specializes in car transpot services in the US. Our goal was to help it to achieve business results in the competitive landscape of the vehicle shipping industry. We started with customers research. Then we updated the visual elements of the brand. The next step was a design of the website. We used WordPress as a website platform. Also, we provided SEO services. See the full presentation to get more information about Conetdev process of the business website development.

Bodyshop Total

Total Collision & PDR is a auto bodyshop that was founded on ethics, moral and values. That is why we focused on needs of customers of the auto bodyshop. To create UI/UX design of the website we used Value Proposition Canvas approach. Our developers improved all elements that allows visitors use website services without headache. In this way we created the website that helps business owners to achieve marketing goals.


ARCO Group is a customer focussed commercial construction firm set a task to update their website. Conetdev redesigned the website is by approaching it with customers in mind. Our specialists started with an analysis to create a website redesign strategy. We changed an information architecture of a website. Our designers created a modern design with improved UX. Conetdev developers correctly built a WordPress site with customizations and implementations of plugins. SEO specialist helped to lead a successful migration to a new design. So you can see the excellent result that we have achieved in the time given.

Cash it Used

This website helps people to sell used devices. As a web development agency we should have achieved multiple objectives of the web project. These objectives are to create the intuitive design with simple and clear navigation, to implement specialized functionality, to provide a cost-effective process. Conetdev team made the website redesign and did migration of a functionality from WordPress to another web platform.

Surface Form

Surface Forms is New Zealand’s leading supplier and installer of interior wall and door protection solutions. The main challenge of project was to convert visitors into customers with clear selling points of products. We created the light web design for pages that helps visitors to focus on the product features. Cold blue colors on a white background highlight the product features and to make the valuable brand message. We improved UX with more clear customer journey that made website close to the target audience. Our approach allowed to achieve business goals our client.

Sense Effects

We have given a new look and a fresh breath for the website that is is specialized on the magic of water, fire, light and movements. Our designer created this stunning, absolutely amazing design that is simultaneously up-to-date. We have improved the UX and graphic elements of website to present company’s services because we have this mind: if what you do is amazing, your website has to follow this tradition.

MixCloud – Mobile App

The client wanted to develop a modern design for a mobile application that provides users with an endless supply of music tracks and clips. The application allows users to find any song in the cloud service, listen to it, create a playlist and much more. It was with great pleasure that we developed a delightful design for such a great app.

Evrica mobile app

This mobile application was designed specifically for a company that provides car rental services. Our clients wanted us to create a design that looks simple, modern and describes their business at first sight. We made this design with pleasure and our clients were very satisfied with the result


Habanos Is the world leading company in the production of Cigar, so the owners wanted their site to be a modern one, but also the best among all the cigar websites. Our designers then proposed a modern concept of the site but in a restrained style. Just by looking at the design alone, you immediately get to know what the company does.

Nano promote

Nano Promote is a landing page designed to promote food businesses through Instagram. Customers can post about places they go and eat for free.

Affordable Flights

We gladly developed this site from scratch for a team of travel experts from Germany. As the name suggests, Affordable Flights helps you find the cheapest flight to anywhere in the world.
The site demonstrates excellent design and provides an easy way to get the necessary services in a very short time.

Driven Agency

Driven Agency’s design is an inspiration to many designers. Its look is catchy, and its structure logically arranged. Designed for a web development agency, Driven Agency Media is part of the top-rated designs we made.

AJ Flowers

AJ Flowers services make sending fresh flowers easy! Users can make an order online or call the shop to place order. The task was to create a site on a custom Wordpress theme based on the mockups provided by the client, to develop a unique and multifunctional online store for flower sales on the Internet.

Smart Force

SmartForce Media – UX/UI web design, web development from scratch. The client asked us to develop a website for the digital marketing agency to present their services. The project was created from the scratch in one week.

Jean Claude Jewelry

Jean Claude Jewelry – an online store that presents brand collections of men’s/unisex jewelry dedicated to cultures around the world.